Friday, July 21, 2017


My birthday was in June, and my mom told me she wanted to make me a cake; however, I told her I wanted some chocolate cupcakes with 7-minute frosting instead!

I hadn't had this type of frosting in yearrrs, and I can't remember exactly what brought it to mind--but let's just say that I'm glad my memory was triggered because it's sooo delicious.  It's a great cupcake-topper for summertime, as it isn't heavy.  Mom put edible flowers on hers, and as you can see, the colors are fun and cheerful.

There are two types of 7-minute frosting recipes out there; one calls for granulated sugar, and the other, powdered sugar.  My mom used one with powdered sugar (such as this).  The consistency of the frosting should be silky and glossy, almost like melted pearls.

She made a granulated-sugar version a few weeks after the first batch, and the consistency was frothy and bubbly--not good at all.  I don't know if that outcome was due to the granulated sugar, a bad recipe, or a fluke.  

Mom thinks the granulated sugar creates a different kind of frosting, but I'm puzzled, because looking at these pics, I see that this frosting looks like it should.  I don't know exactly what recipe she used for either batch, so I'm just googling.

A final note: 7-minute frosting does not stand up well at all in heat, and it should be gobbled up within a day or two, as it kind of deflates and its texture changes after a certain amount of time has passed.

*Come to think of it, this frosting would probably work really well for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter.  I'm imagining different toppings and color schemes. It's just full of potential.

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