Monday, July 31, 2017


My sister gifted me with some Love & Toast lip balms for my bday, and I was thuh-RILLED, because I had been wanting some of them for yearrrs.

Love & Toast's brand name and product packaging are spectacularly cute, and it turns out that what's on the inside gets an A+ as well...

These lippies are all-natural and contain the following ingredients:

olive fruit oil
jojoba seed oil
shea butter
cocoa seed butter
natural flavor
hemp seed oil
aloe leaf
vitamin e
stevia leaf extract

The consistency of them is very good--there's a bit of tack, but they're buttery too.

Here's my impression of each flavor that I have...

Green Tea & Mint:
Just as expected; sublty minty with a tea-like tinge.

Rose Sorbet:
Like a natural rose, but not sugary, so sorbet-like?--I don't know.  The scent is neither too faint nor too strong, which is good because that can be a tricky line to walk with rose-y products.

Ginger Fizz:
This one smells just like powdered sugar donuts (!?) and has an extremely subtle gingerale-like tinge to it as well.

Strawberry Fields:
I don't have another strawberry-flavored lip balm that's quite like this.  It's kind of candy-like, yet not too sweety-sweet, and it has a bit of a tart pluck to it.  Interestingly enough, 'strawberry sorbet' would be a fitting name for it.  At times I think I might smell a cotton candy-type note as well.

They hit the nail on the head with this one, as I love its very natural-smelling/tart scent--it has a sour citrus note that hasn't been sugared down into sappiness (so to speak).  Yet, it does have a sugary note, as it should, because limeade (lime juice + sugar + water).

I'm really going to enjoy wearing these lip treats, and I thank my sis for her thoughtful gift--it was a kiss on the lips, for sure!

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